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I don't have a personal car, but I've always considered myself a car guy.  The cars I used to modify and race are long gone, but I still very much enjoy getting out to the track and living vicariously through the "Speed Racers".  Since Circuit of the Americas has opened in Austin, I take every opportunity to hear the engines roar and see these engineering marvels zip around the asphalt.  I took my cameras and a big ol' lens out this weekend to capture some of the action at the Pirelli World Challenge.  Below you'll find a few photos of cars on the track, and others from the paddock. If you are like me and enjoy looking at car photos on your desktop, feel free to download the photos for personal wallpaper use.  Shot on Fujifilm X-T2 with 100-400m and 1.4x, and X100F.



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