Zack Zamora

Hi!  I specialize in making portraits but also have experience documenting performance, sports, and brands.

I love to make pictures of interesting things.  Maybe that's you, your business, or your passion.  I'm inspired by art, daily life, and individuality. My photos attempt to convey this. 

I am always open to collaborate with other creatives. Feel free to get in touch.


P.S. Please print your photos!  You are missing out on photography if you don't experience it in print.


Why photography?

A photo captures and freezes a fleeting moment.  Sometimes that moment is something you wouldn't notice if you saw it live, or even on video. And you can physically print this moment onto a canvas you can hold in your hands to be experienced indefinitely. The other aspect is human - meeting people and learning about who they are and then interpreting that into my own expression of them in a photograph.  This is something I never tire of and look forward to every day I wake up.

What kind of camera/lens do you use?

My usual weapon of choice is a Fujifilm X-Pro2.  I have many other camera bodies I love and use as occasion or creativity call for.  Medium format, 35mm, film, instant... I appreciate all photographic mediums.

Do you always use flash?

I use the best light available to me for the picture I want.  Often that is flash, which I can easily adjust to my needs.  However, I also love and use natural light and ambient light frequently.

How much do you charge?

My rates start at $150 which includes up to an hour of shooting and 5 edited photos.  Commercial rates (for business) vary, starting at $250/hr.  Contact me for a proposal.

Do you trade for photos?

I do occasionally work for trade with other creatives or businesses.  Let me know what you have in mind and we can discuss a mutually beneficial arrangement.

Can I buy a print of one of your photos?

Absolutely.  This is the highest honor for me as a photographer. Let's make something for you.

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